Amish Country Cheese Festival

Arthur’s Annual Amish Country Cheese Festival – Labor Day Weekend

Each year Arthur blocks off the downtown and fills it streets with craft
vendors, food, live entertainment, and ,of course, lots and lot of cheese.

The events kick off on Saturday at noon at a ceremony where local
celebrities and politicians make the first slice into a 300 pound wheel of
cheese.  After that the wheel of cheese is sliced into hundreds of
slices and then given out free to the public.  Each day of Cheese
Festival has a cheese give away.  If you particularly love the taste of
cheese Arthur also has the Cheese Eating Nationals where contestants compete
to see how much of a 4 lb wheel can be eaten in one minute.

Cheese eating is not the only cheese event that takes place on Cheese
Festival weekend.  Arthur Illinois is also the home International
Cheese Curling Championships.  This year they are celebrating the eight
year of the championships where teams of four people computer to see who can
score the most points by landing a 4 lb wheel of cheese on a designated
target.  Three members on a team compete by “curling”, rolling or
tossing”, a “stone”, wheel of cheese, down a smooth surface while one member
keeps the playing surface smooth with a broom.

The Illlinois Amish Country Cheese Festival is not all about cheese
though.  Hundreds of craft and food vendors line the streets on Labor
Day weekend.  Everything from homemade jewelry to homemade corn dogs
are available for the tens of thousands of visitors from around the country.
Also, each year the Cheese Festival hosts live entertainment for everyone to
see and hear.

Come enjoy Illinois Amish country and a great small town festival this
year in downtown Arthur.  If you would like more information please
.  If you need info on lodging or tours
while you are in the area please visit
ACM Tours


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