Special Events

Special Events in the Amish Country

The Illinois Amish country hosts festival and special
events throughout the year and are constantly adding new events each season.
These events range from small town fairs and festivals to multi state
sponsored sales and auctions.

Some of Amish countries large festivals include The Arthur
Cheese Festival, Arcola Broomcorn Festival, Arthur Strawberry Jam,
Atwood Apple Dumpling Festival, and Tuscola Spring Festival.  One of
the newer events is Arthur’s CIBR-BBQ competition.  After just a couple
years Arthur has built a festival that draws 50 professional bbq’ers and
close to ten thousand spectators.  Check
www.arthurfestivals.com for a
complete list of all of the great events that the Illinois Amish country has
to offer.

Amish country is also known for coming together in time of
need.  There are numerous auctions held around the Amish countryside to
help those less fortunate.  Each year they hold the Mennonite Relief
Sale which is a community effort of many churches and individuals to help
bring agricultural assistance, community development and social services for
the hungry and needy of the world.  They also hold a large auction
called the Haiti Benefit Auction which is a two-day bake sale, Amish quilt
sale, and furniture auction to provide for those less fortunate in Haiti.

These are just a few example of some of the events that
take place in the Amish country and the surrounding towns.  Please
check our calendar of events to see other events that are taking place each
weekend throughout the year.  If you would like help making
arrangements to visit the Amish country during a festival please visit
http://www.acmtours.com .

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