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Illinois Amish Country

Amish Buggies are the main means of transportation for the Amish around the Arthur Illinois area.

Welcome to Amish Illinois where it is our goal to help keep people informed about the Illinois Amish country and the Arthur area. 

Central Illinois plays host to one of the largest Amish settlements in the United States.  Many small towns make up the Amish country with Arthur being the heart of Amish area.  The surrounding towns include Arcola, Sullivan,  and Tuscola each home to numerous activities and unique shops.

The Illinois Amish Country was settled in 1865 by Mose Yoder and a small group of families and  over the years the Amish have grown to over 4,000 members and 27 separate church districts.  The Amish settled in the central Illinois and Arthur area for the rich farm ground but have branched out in the art of furniture building as well.

Arthur, being the heart of the Illinois Amish Country, soon grew into a booming village with a beautiful downtown filled with a variety of shops and restaurants.   The shopping district is filled with stores ranging from home made fudge and bread shops to custom furniture shops selling furniture made right here in the Illinois Amish country.

The Illinois Amish countryside is also home to many unique shops that are based in Amish homes.  Here they make items such as furniture, quilts, food, and farm goods.  You can even arrange to have a meal served for you in an Amish home. Rockome is also located in Central Illinois here in the heart of Amish country.  Rockome features activities each weekend, gift shops, and beautiful floral and rock gardens.

If you are looking for a great seasonal festival or activity then no need to look further than the Illinois Amish country.  Towns in and around the Amish area each have their own unique events and seasonal festivals.  Arthur has their Spring Festival, Arthur Cheese Festival, and the Central Illinois Bragging Rights BBQ Cook-off.   Arcola is the home of wonderful events such as their Raggedy Ann and Andy Festival and the Arcola Broom Corn Festival.  Tuscola hosts their Fall Harvest Festival each August.  For more information on some of the festivals taking place around Arthur area please visit or .

The Arthur area also hosts many events each year to help benefit other communities around the United States and the world.  Each year Arthur hosts the Haiti benefit and the Mennonite Relief sales with proceed going all over the world. 

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